Who let the dogs out? Jim Dan Hill Library did on Feb. 28 with their annual therapy dogs!

___ | Photo by Rene Williams

Every chance they get, the group of pet owner brings therapy animals to the University of Wisconsin-Superior to help relieve stress for students.

The three veterans therapy dogs returned as well as three new dogs and a brand-new hedgehog. The newest hedgehog’s name is Bulbazar and he’s only a baby! The new dogs are the Black Portuguese Water Dog named Star, the Ozzy Doodle named Trapper, and the White Mix named Tootsie.

Students had the chance to relax, play, talk to, and even nap with the animals between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Jim Dan Hill Library

___ | Photo by Rene Williams

Organizers say that they try to make it to campus as close to finals and mid-terms as possible since those are the most stressful times in the semester.

Students will have another chance to see the dogs on May 4, right before finals so come and join the fun and play with some puppies!

Tootsie is always ready to be pet by students during mid-terms. | Photo by Rene Williams