I’m not always hungry in the mornings, but if I am, then I probably slept in late. Brunch is my favorite time of the day to eat because you’re awake, you’re hungry, and you can eat any “meal” you want.

Burger? Sure. Pancakes? Okay. Both? That’s your business (ref. @iamtabithabrown).

In my case, I made a brunch parfait.

From the bottom of the bowl, I layered one cup of sliced strawberries; one-quarter cup of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of honey mixed in; a handful of raspberries; and then added sliced, honey-roasted almonds. All of this came together from what I had at the time, but the almonds were a last-minute decision.

A parfait isn’t perfect without crunch, but there wasn’t any granola on hand. However, a scavenger hunt around the kitchen revealed almonds! (Honestly, I think they tasted better than if I had used granola). I originally just sprinkled a few almonds on, but after a bite I decided  to add more because they were so good.

My curiosity was peaked about this delicious meal’s health benefits. From what I found from some mild Google searching, the berries are rich in vitamin C and fiber, while also being a great antioxidant. Yogurt has protein, calcium, and good bacteria to help digestion. The almonds have healthy fats, protein, and help lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

This came as good news, because slowly incorporating healthier foods into my diet is a goal of mine. The berries and yogurt make such a great introductory meal, too!