Cameron Buck |

Majoring in exercise science with a minor in sports management/coaching, Ty Proffitt is one determined senior this fall semester at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Ty Proffitt has skated in 40 games between his freshmen and junior career. | Photo by Drew Kerner

Originating from Fairbanks, Alaska, Proffitt enjoys numerous hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and his favorite, hockey.

Proffitt plays forward on the UWS men’s hockey team, but his debut started in his home state of Alaska where he played junior hockey.

While playing, his team drew crowds of thousands of people, which brought out the best in him.

“Playing in front of that many people is exciting. There’s nothing better than celebrating in front of that many people,” Proffitt said.

In Superior, he doesn’t get the luxury of having that many fans but gets to play in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) division three hockey which is very competitive.

Playing hockey for anyone can take a massive toll on the body, but Proffitt is a perfect example of a player that isn’t afraid to use his body to his advantage.

Proffitt plays as a senior forward with his number #19. | Phot by Drew Kerner

“I have shoulder problems dislocating it a couple of times, also my nose has problems,” said Proffitt.

He is willing to endure all of this because, for Proffitt hockey is his greatest passion in life.

Proffitt played for the Fairbanks Ice Dogs, a North American Hockey League team that his father, Rob Proffitt is the general manager of.

Once he is done with college a career in managing a sports team is a huge possibility for Proffitt in the future.