It’s a tradition that’s been a key part of Wisconsin’s history for nearly two centuries. In only a few short days, the 2022 annual rifle deer season will kick off with a bang.

Beginning on Nov. 19, hunters will slowly creep to their stands wearing blaze orange and fluorescent pink in hopes of harvesting a whitetail deer.

Regulated rifle season has been around since 1851 and continues to play a substantial role in many Wisconsin residents’ lives throughout the state. Whether hunting for sport or hunting to put venison on the table and in the freezer, it’s important to follow state laws and to make sure to hunt as safely as possible.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s website, all hunting licenses can be purchased through Go Wild’s website, or at any of the WDNR’s sales locations. The price for an adult resident is $24.00 and $160.00 for non-residents.

Hunters are required to have gone through a hunter’s safety course in order to hunt on their own without a mentor and must have proof of their license with them.

Reminder to wear blaze orange while out hunting on public lands or when in a group to ensure safety. | Photo by Jake Zimmer

According to the WDNR’s website, “The following are considered forms of licenses, state, stamps, permits and harvest authorizations: a paper copy, an authenticated Wisconsin driver’s license, a DNR-issued Go Wild Conservation Card or a digital PDF file issued by the department and displayed on an electronic device.”

The website also points out that photos of paper licenses are not acceptable forms of identification. After harvesting a deer, hunters are required to register their kill by 5 p.m. of the day after recovery. All registration is electronic and can be done using GameReg.

According to the WDNR’s website, “Register online: Register by phone: 1-844-426-3734 (1-844-GAMEREG) (available 24 hours). When prompted, use the numbers on your phone keypad to spell the first three letters of the county. For example, for Adams County, enter A-D-A by pressing “232.”

With another rifle season ahead of us there’s a lot to look forward to. Abiding by state laws and safety measures will help ensure that everyone can have a safe, yet productive season. The 2022 annual rifle deer season starts on Nov. 19 and ends on Nov. 27.