Holden Fine Arts — Meanwhile, in the Communicating Arts Department students had the chance to meet their new Theatre professor Sean Naughton. 

“I think there’s a lot of room for growth and expansion in this department, but it doesn’t start with me. It starts with you all,” said Sean Naughton, one of twelve new faculty members on campus. | Photo by Drew Kerner

Before the University of Wisconsin-Superior, Naughton had over twenty years of experience acting in commercials, films, and other theaters. He says that it was the combined major of theater and film that brought him to UWS as they are both programs that can benefit from each other.

“I’m also really excited about what this theater program can be. There’s a ton of really passionate students that are looking to do theater,” said Naughton. “I want to bring a highly theatrical, really, really maximalist theater program here to UWS and do some really cool stuff with it.”

During the meet and greet, students had the chance to introduce themselves and talk about their theater experiences. 

Between the laughs, banter, and empty pizza boxes, the students that attended felt closer to the newest member of the UWS Theatre community.

Students that majored in communications, marketing, and biology attended the meet and greet. All sharing their connection to theater. | Photo by Drew Kerner

“I absolutely love him. He’s amazing as a professor,” said Ky Schreiner (they/them), an attendee of the meet and greet. “I’m definitely excited for him just to be here. I have him as my acting professor currently, and he’s amazing.”

This year Naughton will be directing the play “She Kills Monsters”. The playwright looks to focus on Angus, who through grief plays through a Dungeon and Dragons’ campaign to feel closer to her deceased sister. 

On top of the play this fall, Naughton also teaches acting for the stage and theater appreciation. Naughton says that he looks forward to potentially teaching acting for the camera in the future.