Ririko Mivra (left) and Jen Bird (right) in the Yellowjacket Food Pantry in Swenson 1080.

Photo by Drew Kerner

The Yellowjacket Food Pantry is available for any University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS) student to provide supplemental food free of charge. “Students can get food for more than just themselves, and they are also welcome to grab some food for their household,” said Jen Bird, Director of Student Development.

The Food Pantry gets funding through multiple sources like their partnership with Second Service Northern Lakes Food Bank, Careers Grant, Face 37 and Face 38 Grants, student and community donations, and Athletics Food Drives. Ririko Mivra, a UWS Yellowjacket Food Pantry student employee, regularly works at the pantry. Jen Bird is grateful for working with Mivra to keep the food pantry open.

In previous years students could donate remaining student meal points to the food pantry. “Last year, that was one of the donations that we’ve gotten. Last year the number of points that were donated, the [Northern Lakes Food Bank] gave us a product based on the amount of that money,” said Bird.

The Yellowjacket Food Pantry is located in Swenson 1080. It is open Monday 2-4 pm, Tuesday 12-3 pm, and Thursday 1-3 pm. For more information about the Yellowjacket Food Pantry, please contact jbird2@uwsuper.edu.