Carlie Hanson performing “Toxic” with band members Tosh the Drummer and Ryan Kern.

Photo by Drew Kerner

The Yellowjacket Union Great Floor was loud and rockin’ on November 19th, 2021, from the appearance of pop-punk star Carlie Hanson and her team of Tosh the Drummer (on drums) and J Ryan Kern (on guitar and keyboard). Hanson’s performance was free for University of Wisconsin-Superior students and the community before her concert the next day in her hometown of LaCrosse, WI.

Carlie Hanson rocks her performance in the YU Great Room. Photo by Drew Kerner

Carlie Hanson rocks her performance in the YU Great
Photo by Drew Kerner

“I missed the hospitality and how sweet people are here. Not that there aren’t sweet people in LA, but I feel like the people are closed off and in their own worlds a bit. I also missed the cheapness here. I missed Kwik Trip. I don’t ever like to take Kwik Trip for granted. And honestly, as much as it sucks during the winter, I do miss the change in seasons out here,” said Hanson.

Hanson’s opening song was her 2021 single Off My Neck. She and her team rocked the floor despite the small turnout. “Even if it’s ten people, we plan to blow this place up,” said Hanson.

The set she played was longer than she had performed in the past. During the performance, she generously played two unreleased songs that fans can only hope are part of her new album debuting in February 2022.

Hanson’s concert went as follows: Off My NeckEgoDaze InnSide Effects, *unreleased song*Snot, a quick intermission, Gucci KnifeNumb, another brief intermission, HazelOnly OneWYAToxins*unreleased song*Stealing All My FriendsIs That Your Thing?Us, final intermission, Back in my Arms.

To follow Carlie Hanson’s journey, check out her social media at @carliehanson.