By Norah Schmitz

Nick Fredrikson is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS). He plans on leaving with a major in exercise science and sports management. The Minneapolis, Minnesota native enjoys spending most of his time outside.

Fredrikson’s greatest passion in life and his favorite activity is baseball. He especially likes the Minnesota Twins. “I like Joe Ryan because he is a good young pitcher, and that is exactly what the Twins need to be good,” said Fredrikson. When he isn’t watching or playing baseball, Fredrikson can be found outside playing disk golf or hanging out with his friends.

Additionally, he is most thankful for his family and his cat named Careonel. Since he was five years old, Fredrikson has been involved with dance and piano lessons. His mother is Ukrainian, so her cultural heritage influenced his dance background. Unfortunately, Fredrikson’s mother passed due to bone cancer when he was in third grade. However, he still strives to further his knowledge of his Ukrainian heritage.

He has always shown interest in activities involving social issues and conflicts. “My environmental science class [is my favorite] because it stuck with me and involved real-world things,” said Fredrikson. In the future, Fredrikson wants to move out west with his high school friends and graduate college in the spring.