From the city landscape of Maple Grove, Minnesota, the loving, go-lucky, and energetic Alexie Pryd came to the University of Wisconsin-Superior in search of change. After one year at Wingate University in North Carolina, she decided to come closer to home. You can match her personality with many of the things she cares for. Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon reminds her of her cat, Pixie, and the full name is an absolute mouthful. She also likes the Volkswagen Bug with eyelashes on the headlights, but mainly she is a volleyball player.

Pryd committed to Wingate when she was only 16 after several impressive seasons at Maple Grove Senior High School. Her talent carried through her remaining years, leading the Crimson as one of the top-ranked hitters in all of Minnesota during her final three years. In Pryd’s last season, she was named captain of the Crimson and ended her career as the all-time kills leader with 808 of them during her four-year stout.

Pryd accrued many accolades with the high school and beyond. She earned a spot on the AAU National All-Tournament Team while playing for Minnesota Select. All this led to her becoming a Yellowjacket. “Wingate is a small town with nothing but cornfields,” said Pryd. Since she grew up in a big city, we can see why she would choose to come to UWS. “Superior is also small, but there are at least things to do in the area,” said Pryd. It’s a drastic change going from a large city to a small town. However, she also has a boyfriend attending the University of Minnesota-Duluth, which decided to choose UWS even easier.