The Promethean editorial staff (from left), Jean Germano, Michael Michelizzi, Kayless Chalmers, and Rachel Prost work with Iowa State Daily editorial adviser Mark Witherspoon during a critique at the ACP conference on Feb. 22
Photo by Tom Hansen

After 100 years of the paper, it’s hard to think about how things can continue to grow and change. But, as a staff composed of digital age babies, we are well aware that there is always room for innovation. 

The Promethean has changed much throughout its 100 years, as evidenced by our archive pages in each issue and the history contained in this issue. That will not change going forward. What will remain the same, however, is the dedication to serving the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Superior

We are all aware that the future of journalism is online, but the print product that we produce is important to us. For the time being, the print product will continue to come out. And, we hope, that it will continue to come out for many years to come. But we are also well aware that our digital content needs to continue growing, changing, and expanding. That’s likely the biggest goal we have for the next 100 years. 

In the short-term, we want to hear from you. The students, staff, faculty, and community of UW-Superior are who keeps the Promethean going. Without your input, feedback, and critiques, we would not be able to continue growing and changing the paper. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and tell us what you like, and, better yet, what you did not like. We love to hear all of it, the good and the bad. 

We are also changing how things work on the backend of the paper. You may notice in the coming issues that there will be some design changes. The editorial staff recently attended the Associated Collegiate Press Best of the Midwest conference, and to be frank, we learned quite a lot about how to put a paper together. We want to take what we learned and create a better product for you, the reader. 

Stay tuned UWS, the Promethean will be here to stay, and we will be making changes for you, and, hopefully, changes that you have some input on.