Brad Hammond speaking at Veterans Day Ceremony
Photo by Alexa Henderson

The transition from high school to college can be tough. Often, high school students get assistance from their guidance counselors about enrolling for classes, where to find scholarships, or how to get financial aid. Even so, with or without help, the transition can be a stressful and unfamiliar process. For veterans, these challenges can be especially frustrating.

In the military, everyone (for the most part) is on the same schedule. You wake up together, you exercise together, you eat together, and you train together. If you don’t show up, don’t complete a task, or don’t do something well, there are potential life-threatening consequences. Mistakes are not tolerated and failure is not an option. The people serving with you rely on you. In consequence, upon getting out of the armed forces, many veterans feel as if they are free at last. However, as a college student, that sense of accountability is gone and you have no guidance counselor to help get you started.

At the University of Wisconsin-Superior, the Veterans and Nontraditional Students Center (VNSC) can be your guidance counselor.

Monte Stewart, Student Services Coordinator at the VNSC, said, “Students come to the VNSC seeking help on a number of issues, which can include military/veteran benefits, child care questions, academic/course issues, and getting connected to other on-campus resources.”

The VNSC provides assistance to veterans, active-duty military members, spouses of military members, student parents, married students, and any student over the age of 25. At UWS that accounts for roughly 41 percent of the student body. The VNSC also hosts campus events and activities for the children of nontraditional students. “We have a quiet place to study, with computers, and a place to eat your lunch,” said Lynn Karna, university services program associate.

If you or someone you know would like to contact the VNSC for assistance or questions, they can be emailed at Or if you would like to visit in perosn, or just have a place to sit down and each lunch, the VNSC is located in Old Main 118.