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“There’s all kinds of things I do. My job is complicated!”

Tammy Fanning has been an employee of the University of Wisconsin-Superior for 25 years.

Fanning came to UWS in 1994. She worked as Hall Director, now titled Hall Manager, in Crownhart and Ross-Hawkes for two years, respectfully.

After her work in the halls, Fanning said, “My supervisor at the time offered me a promotion… He wanted me to work for him for six years, [but] I was thinking maybe only two and we then agreed upon four.” However, Fanning stayed much longer.

In her new position, Fanning supervised Residence Life staff, planned student orientations, supervised the Women’s Resource Center (now known as the Gender Equity Resource Center, GERC), and more.

The work didn’t stop and neither did Fanning.
In 2015, Fanning transitioned into Associate Dean of Students and the Title IX Coordinator.

For her new positions, Fanning addresses academic and nonacademic misconduct, facilitates the Dean’s Council, is part of the Behavioral Insights Team, and more.

But, although Fanning is great at managing the ongoing list of duties, they still wear a person down. To avoid becoming jaded in her work Fanning “started writing down things I’m proud of… [Unfortunately,] a lot of things I started are no longer around, like Winter Fest,” but much more has made a lasting impact at UWS.

For example, Fanning kick-started the career fair, now known as the Head of the Lakes Job and Internship Fair, which is supervised by Career Services. Fanning also “brought the Student Ambassador positions to campus, now called Campus Ambassador… Superior Ally Training… [and] the honor song at commencement”

Yet, despite all these accomplishments, they aren’t what keeps Fanning grounded.

Fanning said, “The most rewarding thing is hearing from alumni and current students at how they’re succeeding in their lives… [To] see them walk across the stage, visit [after graduation]. I love watching people come in and morph into super successful people. Your success is my success.”

Laura Beres said, “I freakin’ love Tammy! She’s the best. She’s amazing.”

Josh Waring said, “Tammy is a fair and kind person who connects well with students. Visiting with her is nice. She’s easy to talk to.”

Fanning continues, “A whole range of emotions comes with the job I do. Each day there is something that makes me laugh and giggle. I probably have one of the best jobs in the world, I think, getting to work with humorous colleagues and amazing students.”

Ethan Russom, the Assistant Director of the Yellowjacket Union, and a colleague of Fanning’s said, “She’s extremely dedicated and extremely student focused. She has an unending passion for the work she does at UWS.”

Hopefully UWS will be honored to employ Fanning for another 25 years.