By Aimee Peterson  

Would you ever want to explore a house, where a variety of deaths have occurred? Well do I have the game for you. Visage is a brand new game, still in development that will hit 2017 by storm. Visage is a game created by SadSquare. The developers created this game after the “P.T” game envisioned to come out in 2014; and was dropped. P.T was a game created by the unreal engine that Konami published in 2014. The game was very realistic, and had a terrifying story behind it. P.T also had a demo behind it to tease players, but was sadly taken down. P.T was scrapped over developer’s issues and the game was dropped. Some developers on the web have come to recreate something like P.T, and Visage is taking its place.

Visage is a psychological game that plays on your fears. Each room has a different tragic story on how the family, or family member died. The game takes part in the 1980s, in an abandoned house that looks fairly lived in. With each creek, or slam is a new story to look into. The “person” we play as is still unknown and any relation to the house is still a mystery. The story seems to steer in a twisted way, as each story you learn, the more you realize that nobody wants you to leave. Each corner, closet or bedroom has something hiding. Or as SadSquare quotes on their website “You’ll feel that even through everything around you is brightly lit and perfectly normal, something could very well be wrong”. 

From what we know from game play: You are defense-less. You as the player must hide, and find your way out. You as the player must search the house to find clues on first; why you are there in the first place. Second, (if you dare) learn why these families are still haunting this house.

Lastly, the game will hopefully be available for VR. And will be available on Xbox one, Ps4 and PC platforms. If this has caught your attention, highly suggest watching the Visage trailer for yourselves to really get a feel on what the game is truly about.