By Shaquille Coleman

Seventy percent of students polled last week at UW-Superior said that the threat of a nuclear war worries them more than global climate change or terrorism.

“I think nuclear war is worse,” said sophomore Adriana DuPree, “because it’s used to reduce our population, basically killing innocent people.”

Thirty students, half male and half female, participated in the three-question poll.

Sixty percent said that they would prefer Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump, with many students saying that Trump’s campaign is a joke and wondering how could he be taken seriously as the leader of the United States.

One female student added that Hilary Clinton may not make an ideal president, but she believes Clinton can do much more for the country than Trump.

Students were evenly split on the topic of abortion.

“I feel if people want to have an abortion before the baby is born it is their choice because it is their body.” said freshman Chrisean Upshaw.

“Abortion is against my religion unless that person is raped,” said a female student who wished to be anonymous.

Thirty percent of students named terrorism the most worrisome world issue, and none named global climate change.

“Terrorism is scary,” said junior Alex Walther.”You never know when or where it’s going to happen, it can occur anywhere or anytime. Just look at the St. Cloud attacks and how close that is to us.”