Picture this, you’re seeing more and more information circulating your socials and
the news about politics, policies, and the impact elected officials make on our society and humanity. So, you decide to do some neutral inquiry on those subjects, getting a true feel for what’s going on without any parties’ agendas or other biased beliefs. You pause and ask yourself, “Where can I get a truly unbiased lowdown on the topics I need to be informed about in today’s oversaturated, party-pushing media.” That’s where Jackets Vote comes in!

Katelyn Baumann is the Manager of the Outreach Program for Jackets Vote, which started in 2019. Their main goal is to get more students to vote and participate in local, statewide, and national elections, offering accessible help and resources for student. Urging students to vote beyond the presidential election, Baumann highlights the impact your vote can have on local elections. This truly makes the biggest difference in the everyday life of each state, and when the time comes can impact the presidential election.

Minnesota’s General Election Day is Nov.7. Locally in Duluth, the heated race is between current Mayor Emily Larson and opponent candidate Roger Reinert. In Wisconsin, the local and state elections are coming up in April 2024. Voting allows citizens voices to be heard. Having a say on matters uniquely important to everyone.

Baumann says voting is our chance to be a part of change. Having information without twisted narratives can be helpful when finding your own voice and opinions. Baumann’s go-to is the ‘Campus Vote project’, which provides bitesize unbiased snippets on political matters. Jackets Vote stresses that voters should read up on important issues and experience the freedom of forming your own informed opinion.

Jackets Vote isn’t just for on-campus students, as they can help out-of-state and or online students. They’ll work with you to ensure you’re set to vote in your home state. Jackets Vote is also looking for people to help find fresh ideas for how to reach and interest students to vote.

If you’re looking to simplify the voting process, visit their office located in room 1061 of Swenson Hall or send an email to link@uwsuper.edu to schedule a one-on-one meeting.