The University of Wisconsin Superior Counseling Services is a typical college that offers counseling to those students who need it. They also offer individual sessions for students who are enrolled at the UWS. These services are free and available to any student.

The counseling services are located in the Marcovich Wellness Center in room 1729. Randy Barker, the Director of Health, Counseling and Wellbeing, said, “It is common to see the need for counseling during college because when you look at the statistics, you will see that a lot of adults have their first episodes between 18 and 24. Also, another reason is because of the transitions. You have the transition for incoming Freshmen but also the transition of Graduation. Those are two big transitions that happen.”

Once a student graduates, the services become unavailable; however, Barker said, “usually 1-2 months before graduation is upon the student, we are working on finding a way for the student to transition to a community agency.”

They also offer teleservices through an agency called Mantra Health. A student would still need a referral to access these services. This service is free, and tuition funds help pay for both in-person and virtual services and would also discontinue when the student graduates.  Barker said, “We usually see an average of 20-25 sessions per week per counselor.” There are two full-time counselors in addition to Barker, but Barker does not do a lot of the counseling sessions as he also oversees the Pruitt Center.

The Pruitt Center is a newer addition to UWS, which offers services to not only students but also facility, staff and the greater community. They have a mindfulness area located on the third floor of Swenson Hall. It also offers workshops and training that could have a cost, as well as speakers, virtual speakers, and yoga that are free. Yoga is offered every Wednesday at 8 a.m. in the Marcovich Wellness Center.

Barker said, “If you look at Mental Health as continuous throughout, it fluctuates from when you are doing well and when you are struggling with a Mental Crisis.” Counseling services are there for any student who may need them. Barker said, “We recognize and work with the students if their needs are more than we can handle and find them a resource in the community that can serve them better.”