You may have noticed the orange markers all over the sidewalks on campus, marking one of the first steps of the sidewalk repair project being prioritized by the University of Wisconsin-Superior’s Student Government Association.

According to SGA Senate member, Emem Essien, a plethora of student complaints and safety issues had been filed with SGA and Essien had felt that it was their responsibility to take action.

After sending out surveys to students Essien felt that Fisher Avenue and Catlin Avenue were the two streets they had received the most negative feedback from.

Essien plans on attending the next Superior City Council meeting to bring up the sidewalk issue with the city of Superior in order to hear their thoughts on the matter.

Essien hopes that the next step in repairing the sidewalk will be complete in the next few weeks and that the project will be completed by the start of the 2023 Fall Semester.

Anyone wanting more information on SGA or the Student Affairs Committee is encouraged to stop by their office, located in the Yellowjacket Union room 204, or on their website.