For the past year, I have been fortunate enough to report for The Promethean. While I at first was hesitant to join this group of highly talented students due to my fear of exiting my comfort zone, I can full heartedly say that joining this organization was the most influential and most rewarding part of my time in college.

Coming into the organization in the Fall of 2022, I was eager to report on whichever campus stories I found intriguing or felt were important for the UW-Superior community to consume.

With this, I found myself being pulled into the outdoor world, which has always been one of my greatest passions.

After a couple of issues, an outdoor section was created for the newspaper, allowing the majority of my stories to gather in one single location within each publication. Not only did covering stories allow me to write about the outdoors, but it also gave me an excuse to escape to the forests and rivers to feed into my passion.

With my time at the University of Wisconsin-Superior and The Promethean coming to an end, the realization that I will no longer be able to gather with my fellow reporters on campus every Tuesday has left me feeling both sad and grateful. I would like to thank Mr. Tom Hansen for pushing me to join this wonderful organization, even though I was a bit resistant in the start. I would also like to thank my fellow reporters, who over the course of the school year have not only helped me improve my reporting skills, but who have also become great friends.

For anyone reading this who might be hesitant to join an organization on campus, whether it be The Promethean or not, go for it.

One of my greatest regrets during my time here is that I didn’t join this wonderful organization earlier. While I am sad to be leaving the newsroom and the outdoor page, I know that it is being left in good hands, as The Promethean staff possesses great talent.

Thank you UWS, you have been a great home during these past few years, and I am grateful to have been a student here on campus.