Paul James Stresow |

Whenever you turn on Yellowjacket Athletics on KUWS 91.3, there is always one UW-Superior student who helps bring you to the action.

Adam DeMuth is a current student here at UWS in his fourth year and his major is communications.

Originally from Minocqua, Wis., DeMuth’s favorite food is… burnt toast, while his favorite hobby is skateboarding. DeMuth is also a fan of the Green Bay Packers, along with the Milwaukee Bucks, plus his favorite place on campus is on the loading docks right outside Holden FA.

DeMuth, as a matter of fact works at the KUWS radio station here on campus which has been broadcasting since 1966 under the original name WSSU Wisconsin Superior State University.

He first started working at KUWS back in his very first semester at UW-Superior.
“I approached Robin Washington at a tabling event in the Yellowjacket Union, and from there I met Paul Damberg. I have been working ever since,” said DeMuth. “There are so many positive aspects to working at the radio station.”

Most exciting for DeMuth personally is learning about the radio, recording technology, and social aspects that come with it.

He has spent countless hours meeting amazing people, recording great music, enthralling interviews, broadcasting sports, and performing live shows.

DeMuth said, “Every day is really a new project and the scope of the job is virtually endless.”

Working at the radio station is also very convenient, as far as hours go. He creates his own hours. It is a huge perk for him and KUWS is looking to hire even more students for the fall semester.

DeMuth’s job is doing a little bit of everything at the station, originally, he joined the team to review music and broadcast live shows.

Eventually, he molded into the director of the oral history unit. This was a new endeavor where they would interview notable people in the community, primarily those who worked the ships and in the shipyards of Lake Superior. It came to an unfortunate abrupt end as the pandemic started two years ago.

Other than that, DeMuth has helped run live concerts, record live bands, run the sports broadcasts, and catalog music. He has had no problems in finding things to do at KUWS, to say the least.