The student artists who designed and painted the mural. From left to right, Rian Miesen, Cole Arnold, Sarah Tapper, Evan Resler, and Amanda Reese. Tapper came up with the idea for the mural after being inspired to add some color to the walls of the university.
Photo courtesy of Amanda Reese
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Over 50 hours of research, two hours of painting preparation, six hours of painting, and three gallons of paint is only a portion of what was needed to make the new mural in the Yellowjacket Union Cafeteria. The mural, which debuted earlier this month, is named Growth in the Hive and was designed by art therapy major Sarah Tapper. The mural was painted with the help of four other students, Evan Resler, Rian Miesen, Cole Arnold, and Amanda Reese.

The process of getting the mural approved was a long one that started back in November. Tapper had the idea of painting a mural in the Yellowjacket Union Cafeteria after seeing a plain, lifeless grey wall with potential to add some life to the space. After Tapper had the idea, she contacted the cafeteria staff to see if they would allow her to paint a mural. After emailing back and forth with the correct staff members, she got the green light.

Tapper then started researching. It took her two designs before she came up with the final one. Two canceled meetings, three budget meetings, and many pieces of advice later, the mural was ready to be painted.

New mural in yellowjacket union cafeteria

The mural, which was unveiled earlier this month, is located in the Yellowjacket Union Cafeteria. Art therapy major Sarah Tapper came up with the idea for “Growth in the Hive” last November.
Photo by Kerrigan Vig

Tapper, Resler, Miesen, Arnold, and Reese spent six hours on Feb. 27 painting the mural. Tapper noted that the group of four was picked due to their ability to work well together.

Reese, who helped with the preparation and painting of the mural, stated, “[Executing] someone else’s vision and [adapting] my painting to [their] style was a learning experience that helped me grow as an artist.” Tapper also grew from the experience, stating that she received a lot of advice and had to learn to stand her ground to help make sure the correct artistic vison was being conveyed.

If any student is looking for a similar opportunity, Tapper has a piece of advice, “If you have an, idea go for it. The worse they can say is no.”

The mural is open for public viewing inside the Yellowjacket Union Cafeteria. The University’s marketing office also produced a short video highlighting the work. That video can be viewed here: