Moving away from home to attend college is sometimes a scary and unusual experience. However, some students find a sense of community on the UWS campus through a shared faith. Casey Damberg, a junior economics major, joined Chi Alpha to have a community on campus to interact and spend time with.

“The driving force of UWS Chi Alpha is being continually connected to Jesus, and it is Jesus who empowers us to bear fruit,” said Kayla Antos, a sophomore double majoring in legal studies and psychology and a member of Chi Alpha. “UWS Chi Alpha is a place to connect with Jesus and others. Chi Alpha is a movement of people who are markedly different. We are known for the way we love and serve Christ, one another, and our University.”

Damberg, who has been at UWS for three years, joined Chi Alpha last spring. “He is present for every event that we put on as a large group as well as the ones his individual small group puts on,” Antos said. “Casey is a strong example of someone who serves Christ and is a strong community and relationship builder.” Antos described Damberg as one of the core members of the group.

“I love having the chance to do really fun activities with my friends,” said Damberg. “I also enjoy the people in the group because I get to have deep, interpersonal conversations about my faith, our personal lives and the world.”

Damberg spends his time with Chi Alpha playing sports, enjoying meals and going to church. While the group is technically non-denominational, they frequent the Central Assembly of God, a protestant church.

“We also have men’s and women’s small groups every week for discussions about scripture and how it plays into our day-to-day lives,” Damberg noted. “I really like having these talks because it is a good chance to relate to my fellow schoolmates and brothers of Christ.”

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