Photo by Holden Law

By Jake Zimmer

Scott Wilson, a twentytwo-year-old from the Scottish village of Ladybank, is much more than a student here at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Also on the men’s soccer team, Wilson described his experience, saying, “It’s been great. My teammates have become more than just players that I share a field with, they’ve become brothers who I know will always be there for me.” When Wilson isn’t on the soccer field, he can be found on the golf course, trying his luck with a much smaller ball. Here, Wilson can unwind with his buddies, while still getting a bit of fresh air and exercise.

Setting sports aside, Wilson also spoke about his Scottish origins, saying that his favorite dish was haggis. For those unfamiliar, haggis is a Scottish pudding made up of sheep’s pluck (heart, liver, and lungs) minced with oatmeal, salt, spices, and onion. Along with haggis, Wilson said he also enjoys chicken, which might be considered a delicacy to many of the students at UWS.

While you can certainly find Wilson working hard in the classroom, you can also find him on the soccer field, the golf course or in the kitchen, devouring the delicious Scottish dish known as haggis.