(From left) Cristina Echeverry, Angelica Remache, Cameron Lee, Dr. Dokhanchi, Jean Germano, Elizabeth Pagoada, and Michael Michelizzi
Photo submitted by Michael Michelizzi

The Alworth Institute for International Studies at the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD) hosted their 12th annual WorldQuest international trivia contest on Wednesday, Nov. 13. The contest was held in the UMD Kirby Student Center Ballroom. Dinner was served during the event, consisting of tiramisu and focaccia bread, and a vegetable medley.

WorldQuest is an educational trivia game played by teams of eight. This year’s competition included 23 teams, featuring members from UMD, College of St. Scholastica, and University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS) communities. The game is broken down into four sections: flags and capitals, geographical features and international borders, people, and current events. Each question is worth one point, except for questions relating to the featured country, which are worth two points.

Cameron Lee, a UWS student and member of team Antonio Gramsci, said, “[Questions] were multiple choice… When we went with our gut, it worked out.”

This year’s featured country was Italy. At the end of each round, a bonus question was asked regarding Italian culture. This bonus question was worth no points, but it did provide some interesting facts regarding Italian culture. For example, the average person in Italy eats more than 51 pounds of pasta every year.

One of the highlights of the event is the amount of door prizes handed out. All participants are invited to enter their name into a random drawing for a slew of prizes distributed between rounds. Prizes ranged from plants from the UMD garden, to books written about former Minnesota politician and environmentalist, Willard Munger. Prizes were also handed out for best costume and team spirit.

The final round ended in a tie, with MMBC & Associates, a team sponsored by the UMD Department of Social Word and featuring UWS Professor Joel Sipress, was tied with team University Honors, sponsored by the UMD University

Honors Program. The two teams were pitted against each other with a final tie breaking question, “How many provinces does Italy have?” MMBC & Associates answered correctly. In third place was team Antonio Gramsci, sponsored by the UWS Political Science Program and captained by Dr. Khalil “Haji” Dokhanchi.

Angelica Ramache, another UWS student, and also part of team Antonio Gramsci, summarized her experience after the event and said, “WorldQuest was an opportunity to challenge our knowledge, not only academically, but culturally. It was great to see how the other teams enjoyed playing as much as we did!”