The orchestral beats of John Williams’ Star Wars theme boomed in the Mertz Mortorelli gym as two lines of students exchanged volleys of foam darts between the barricades and boxes arranged around the floor. This annual clash, held Sept. 12, 2019, dubbed “Nerf Wars,” was arranged by the Alpha Chi student organization.

Students had the opportunity participate in the Nerf Wars to play first person shooter style, similar to capture the flag and battle royales.
“It lets everyone get into the swing of things and meet new people,” said Matt Walker, one of the referees.

“It was awesome, super fun!” was the elated response from Kalyn Zimmer, one of the event’s organizers. Attendees agreed. Jerry Cha, who emerged as victor of a battle royale match said, “It was my first time trying this out… an amazing and good program.”