The Yellowjacket Union was buzzing with activity Sept. 10 during ‘Jacket Fest! This year the University of Wisconsin-Superior hosted the most off campus employers for ‘Jacket Fest than ever!

Emma Duchrow, a UWS student, appreciated there were more off-campus job opportunities in the Superior and Twin Ports area. A booth that stood out to Duchrow was the Students of Science’s table. They displayed a live experiment such as submerging an egg in vinegar to display the reaction between the acetic acid in the vinegar and the calcium carbonate in the eggshell.

Also, incoming UWS students have inquired about creating clubs of their own. Allison Garver, Assistant Director of Student Involvement, has had students approach her about creating a Jazz club, and a volleyball club. Different from the intramural sport, Volleyball Club will compete with other college volleyball clubs and travel. It will be a hybrid between intramurals and the athletic department.

Garver is excited about these emerging club prospects and “hearing new ideas”. Garver also said she “liked collaborating with Career Services because it lets students experience more of campus outside of student organizations”. There was also good recruitment by student organizations, most having 10-20 signatures. Garver stated, “I think it went well despite weather and having to move [‘Jacket Fest] inside”.