By Megan McGarvey

When you think about a student organization, what comes to mind? Student Government? Students of Science, the BBQ club? What if I were to tell you that one of the most influential student organizations on campus is Residence Hall Association (RHA).

RHA is basically student body method of governing the happenings of the residence halls, allowing the voices of all of the students living there a way to make positive changes for the students here at UW-Superior. Samantha Wells, President of RHA said, “We have a variety of programs that we hold a semester including monthly hall dinners, yoga nights and Midterm Destressor programs to name a few.”

Wells is a junior this year, she will be graduating in the spring of 2018, and hopes to attend medical school. Wells first joined RHA in the second semester of her freshman year, and she has played an active role ever since.

RHA offers a place where, “They [students] can come and express what they want to see in their “Home Away from Home”. We listen to their comments and concerns and then take an active role in changing policies, speaking to different departments, and sponsoring events that they want to see.” Wells continued, “It’s amazing, I get to interact with so many different types of people. I love the surprises my job brings me.”

The purpose of RHA, is to make the places where the students on UWS live, a better place. RHA gives a voice to residents allowing them to make changes, and create events for themselves in order to make their college experience truly superior.

“Student organizations and just being involved is what makes the college experience is worth it. I think we lose something if we just focus on school. Organizations give you motivation when classes are hard, they allow you to get out there and truly experience your campus for everything it has to offer.”

RHA is an organization that directly effects the living environment of every student living on this campus. It is this organization that got paper towels in the women’s bathrooms in Ostrander, and the bathrooms in Crownhart hall. It is this organization that organizes in hall dinners, and mental health programs. This organization directly effects the student body living on campus in a positive way. If we, as a school decided to get rid of our student organizations we are getting rid of the people that are looking out for the quality of life that we are all living on this universities campus.

If you would like to get involved with this student organization, RHA has weekly meetings, Tuesday at 6pm in YU 153, they also hold several events throughout the academic year.