By Olivia Shalaby

​A new Preferred Name Policy has been introduced this fall at the University of Wisconsin- Superior.

According to Harry Anderson the Dean of Students, the policy has been introduced due to students’ request. This rule is there for all students and is not there to satisfy a specific group or benefit them. “We don’t know why the students requested for this policy. We do know that sometimes students like to be identified (with a certain name). International students do like to identify with an Americanized name. Students in the LGBT community sometimes like to be identified with an appropriate name reflects their gender identity.”

Anderson added “This is an option for students if they choose to identify with… it’s not an intention to take away anything form a student.”

Xzaosz Zhaz, an international student at UWS that goes with the name Olivia said, “I like it (the preferred name policy) because my real name is difficult for people to pronounce and difficult for people to remember.”

According to the student digest, the Preferred Name Policy will appear on a student’s unofficial transcripts, student center, class roster, grade roster, student services center, online advising report, learning management system, and online campus directory.